Welcome to our Third Supplement Breakdown!

In these posts we dive deeper into the active supplement ingredients in our 1 Shot candies/chews, explaining where they come from and what they do for you!

We noticed not many companies disclose (let alone explain) how their supplemental ingredients work, and why they even put them in their formulas!! We wanted to break the mold and actually explain why we formulated our chews the way we did, and what each and every ingredient's benefits are! So let's dive in.

Tyrosine...What Does it do?

We have an effective dose of Tyrosine in every single 1 Shot Energy & Focus chew! A fairly common amino acid found in various energy/focus supplements, Tyrosine is an essential part of mental/cognitive function. It's an amino acid that is naturally produce by the body, from another amino acid called phenylalanine

Tyrosine is an important part of developing chemical messengers/neuro transmitters such as epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine that help with improving mood, mental alertness and focus. They also help with the development of skin pigment (melanin).

In terms of gaming performance, we added Tyrosine to our energy chews to help keep your neurotransmitters in tip top shape. This in turn improves focus and mental alertness, leading to an improved gaming performance.

So how much Tyrosine is healthy to take?

Tyrosine is typically taken in amounts that range from 100mg up to 1500mg daily. Every 1 Shot Energy Chew has 100mg of Tyrosine and each Focus Chew serving has 50mg, giving you a significant and effective dose while allowing you to have multiple pieces without going overboard.