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As gaming has become more popular, so have energy formulas/drinks that are designed to keep you focused and in the game. We knew there had to be a more efficient way to get energy without drinking it, but it had to be more pleasant than popping a caffeine pill or taking a nasty liquid shot. That's when we came up with One Shot Energy Chews.

Imagine if an energy drink had a baby with a Starburst. That's a One Shot. A seven gram piece of chewy candy that is packed full of a servings worth of Energy, Focus, Eye Health and Antioxidant active ingredients.

Now you can get the energy and focus to game without having to drink copious amounts of liquid sucralose. Each piece has only 20 calories and get's you the same energy as drinking an entire energy drink (comparable to energy in a standard Redbull)!

One Shot Energy Chews give you the best of both worlds in terms of energy spike and duration. As you chew, a portion the caffeine in the piece is absorbed directly into your bloodstream through your mouth. This gives you an immediate energy boost! The remaining candy you swallow and digest then gives you a nice consistent and long lasting energy release, creating a perfect balance of immediate and long lasting energy.

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