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For starters these are amazing. As for the taste, they taste like Mountain Dew at first but a more natural, fruity taste. Then it starts to taste bitter and sour mixed with the Mountain Dew. They did take a while to get here but I did pre order it. I noticed the energy kick after about 2 minutes. I regularly drink monsters so I figured I wouldn’t feel anything but to my surprise I did. And it was a big boost! I think that’s all the other things they add. I love the box and Im planning on keeping for because they look really cool. My only mild complaint is the after taste, but it not horrible just really bitter. But I’m sure they know that and would’ve done something about it if they felt it was too bad. I see some comments hating on these and I don’t think they deserve that. They’re really good and follow through when it comes to the advertising of the energy. Might try the focus chews also. Overall these are amazing and I highly recommend them.

This product was pretty hard to chew

This product seems to be way to hard it hurts my jaw when chewing

Great for work

These are the perfect pick-me-ups in the middle of my work day. Where I used to go and energy drink now I just pop a chew and down some water after. Much healthier choice and easier than chugging a can

Caffeine taste.

Caffeine taste is the only reason I wouldn't rate a five star. The focus choose without caffeine however are excellent!

Package did not arrive

My package has been in CARSON, CA, 09747, US without moving for 20 days. I still haven’t received my package. I’m not sure if it is lost or something like that but I believe there has been a problem with the shipping.

Great but

Love it tastes great but because of the unholy amount of caffeine stuffed into a small little starburst like candy it has a bitter kick. I’m weird so I actually like it but that’s just me.


They do not taste good took a few bites and hated them

Simply amazing

As someone who ADHD it's hard to focus and most energy drinks do nothing but tire me out. But this. This is amazing the burst of energy and focus happens so fast it's truly impressive and the flavor is amazing. Wish they made bubble gum too

Very happy with purchase

They taste and work great! It also came in nice packaging.

Good ass chews

These things work super well I usually just take one before the gym and I’m energised for my whole workout.

Honestly not the best...

Sadly when buying this product i was expecting something amazing. I saw it in Ghosts of Tabor and thought id buy it to try it. They did work energy wise but sadly wasn't the best tasting. They tasted stale or just lacking something. I can't quite tell what though. They also came melted which i know is not the company's fault but the fault of the handlers. I give 2 stars for the sole idea that the taste was not great. When you think "Toxic Limeade" you think of a drink flavor of sorts but this was entirely the opposite. Honestly the ingredients should've been balanced out a little better in my opinion.


So far they have worked well, ive needed a new alternative to energy drinks. My only complaint is the toxic Limeade taste is a bit too sweet and not my favorite but doesn't diminish what the chew does. Im happy with my purchase and will definitely get more in the future

Fast shipping

Quite literally it came within two days from when they said that it would be shipped out


Yalls energy chews are amazing and work so much better than the energy drinks.

Works however packaging makes it a mushy mess.

Really like both the caffeine and focus chews however they become unretrievable from the packaging. When unfolding everything sticks got the paper and there is no way to peel it off. Won’t be buying again until this is rectified.

Words can’t express the feeling

These chews are so wonderful they taste amazing, they are super sour, which I like and they really do keep me energized. So far I’ve only ate 7 chews because one chew literally keeps me energized all day long! Great product would highly recommend, and I do actively highly recommend these chews to everyone I see on a daily basis, gamers or non gamers this product is good for anyone who needs that little extra boost for the day!

It’s Really Good

This is a must buy it’s so good and also give you that burst of energy when you really need it. Thing is that the non caffeine one is really hard to chew and hard but once you get it it’s easy and good i would 100% still recommend.

The flavor was strong and not that enjoyable

Toxic limeade review

I don’t enjoy the taste much, but I’ve shared it wit two of my coworkers who say it’s fine. I don’t really like sour things.they do help with my energy so I will buy more.

Great but need more in bulk

Like these are awesome and take me away from energy drinks which is what I love abt this but I would like to be able to buy more for one package so like instead of a 48 maybe have a 96 option as well.

Mandarin Orange Focus Chews | Nootropics, Vitamins & Immunity (30 Pieces)

Really convenient!

They taste amazing and are really easy to take anywhere. I personally use them for school and they have helped me a lot! My friends also try to steal them from me. Lol