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Taste bad work well

They taste pretty bad if you chew on them for a while but if you eat them fast they taste freaking delicious top g insane but if you savor them there is this horrible after taste and would not recommended savoring them they give you a huge burst of energy though and work suoer well overall i would recommend these

Awesome energy chews!

Hands down my favorite chews! The blue raspberry that I was able to try from this pack is SO GOOD!

Great product!

I love the new package. The sour limeade is delicious and delivers just the right "pick me up" when I need it.

Easy Choice

Think of starbursts, but not tasty enough to eat 10 of in a row [because you should only be eating like 2 for the vitamins right?]. At the same time, they actually taste good so you don't hate your life when you do eat them. They really hit the right sugar/health balance with these.

Tastes Great

Orange Mango is my favorite flavor!

Cheers!! Appreciate the review Matt. Glad to hear you're loving the Orange Mango.

- 1 Shot Team


It tasted good. It was thick. Tough. Hard to chew. I didn't notice anymore focus or energy after having them. A waste of money. I'll just grab some Laffy Taffy from the gas station. It's cheaper. Thanks but no thanks.

Thanks for the review Ryan!! Sorry to hear the Focus Chews weren't to your liking. Something like Laffy Taffy will always be a cheaper option for a regular sugar candy treat with no benefits. But if you value the low sugar, daily fiber, prebiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, immune system support and more, our Focus Chews can't be beat :). And thanks for the feedback on texture!! We are always working to refine and improve our chews.

In terms of effect, while our Focus Chews can give a noticeable energy boost naturally from the B vitamins, they won't get you amped up quite like an energy drink or something similar. If you're looking for something that will give a more serious energy boost definitely check out our Energy Chews (our new sour limeade flavor is amazing). They are also low sugar, and loaded with 75mg of caffeine + 600 of additional energy/focus nootropics in every piece. Eating just one is like drinking a full 8oz energy drink!!

Thanks for the support,
1 Shot Team


Tasted overall great. Would definitely get again!

Thank you LaVonne!

Very powerful gum

I’ve never tried energy gum but I can already tell this is some top shelf stuff, it kicks like a horse and I don’t think you could come up with a more accurate name for the taste of it. 10/10 product

Thank you Nathan! Happy to hear you like the Energy Chews and new Toxic Limeade flavor :) Appreciate the awesome review; glad to be able to provide you with some top shelf energy!!

<3 1 Shot Team


These were a gift for my teenage son and his words were "epic" and "awesome sauce"!

You and you're son are epic and awesome sauce!! So glad he liked the gift/chews. Thanks for the support Amber!

-1 Shot Team

Works and tastes great

It does provide a burst of energy and helps me with my long commute. Tastes good too.

<3 thanks Jane!! Glad to hear they are helping keep you going during your commute.

- 1 Shot Team

New Rockstars Bundle | Assorted Energy & Focus Chews

Really didn't work for me, but ,then caffeine usually doesn't. Just took a shot, nothing gained nothing lost. It was worth trying. As far as taste goes,very bitter sour flavor. Not everyone gets the same result ,everyone is different, just didn't get the results I was hoping for. It was worth trying .NO Regrets!!

Thanks so much for the honest review Joe!! Sorry to hear they didn't work for you as you were hoping. We appreciate the honest feedback and understanding that caffeine can have different results for certain people.

Our Focus Chews might be a good option for a pick me up without the caffeine! The B vitamins work great for a less extreme natural energy, especially if you're a bit deficient in them.

Regardless we appreciate your support and trying them out! Stay tuned as we have voice soothing drops, sleep support chews and more coming in the next year. <3 1 Shot Team

Great product and customer service

The limeade has a great taste and comes extremely well packaged, I don't normally drink a lot of caffeine and just wanted a boost on the days I needed it so I figured I'd give this a shot. The caffeine amount in one piece is the perfect amount for me and I can just grab a piece to bring with me to eat whenever I'm starting to feel a bit drowsy!

Thank you Ryan! Glad you're enjoying the new sour limeade flavor; and love hearing how well they are working for you for a quick boost when you need it <3

Good, portable energy and focus

I have used 1 packet of the new Toxic Limeade Energy Chews from one shot. I love the ease of chewing the caffeine and vitamins and how easy they are to carry in my bag to work or travel. Very convenient. I really like the mango flavor and the new limeade is growing on me. I need to consume the 2nd packet over my next business trip and I can decide if it is a new favorite. Good work on the new flavor 1Shot!

Not what I thought

I was terribly impressed with the idea behind your product. I did not however see that the flavor I ordered was not of a caffeinated variety. That is on me. I kept an open mind (pardon the pun) when trying it, and also shared with my family, since it wasn't what I was trying to order. We all felt about the same. Yes, there is a brief, rather mild feeling of alertness, but the chews are so hard to get through, and you need 2 per day, so by the time your done your jaw hurts. I think you're company is on the right track, but some more R+D is warranted.

Great energy

First time trying. And love the energy and focus!

solid- would order again

felt good, hard to chew but yummy. I will most likely try the caffein versions too

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Good Effect, but needs better flavor

consistency is exactly like a Starburst, but the flavor falls a little flat and the after taste is a little much, but could be ok with a stronger flavor. the caffeine though works as intended and pretty quickly gives me the pick me up I need.

Free Focus Chew Sampler

Free Focus Chew Sampler

Free Focus Chew Sampler
Works Great

As someone who drinks a lot of energy drinks this is a great way to get the energy I need as well as additional vitamins. Not a gamer but a busy mom of 5 with a 17 year old professional gamer son. A must buy!

Amazing Product

While I use caffeine in the form of coffee, this is a great means of substituting in when I need a bigger edge when it comes to dialing it in and focusing on a task. I would 10 out of 10 recommend the product for those who want to take advantage of a productive day and enhance the productivity!

Not great, not bad.

Been using the Blue Raspberry Energy Chres for a week now. Taste is good, not great. 6.5/10 but again they’re energy chews so I can’t expect them to taste like candy. As for the energy part, I’m still on the fence. Definitely don’t feel jittery or bad, but I can’t tell if I actually feel energized by them or not. Will continue to use though.

Appreciate the detailed review Christian! Glad you're enjoying the flavor for the awesome formula they deliver.

Hope they work for you as you're able to try them out more!! While our suggested serving is 1 chew, if you're accustomed to a lot more than 75mgs of caffeine you may want to try taking two and see how the effects feel and adjust from there. And we do find a lot of people say they get a much 'cleaner' energy feeling compared to a typical energy drink; so it may be a bit less noticeable compared to the more 'wired' feeling a sugary energy drink can give. Cheers!!

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Derek Marks
Totally Helps Outs

I was totally out of it at work tried and losing focus on work and I took 2 sometimes 3 and in about 30 minutes, I would feel like I’m back to myself.

cheers Derek!! Thanks for the awesome review. We love hearing that they are helping to keep you rocking at work!