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Arrived Way Ahead of Time

Arrived much sooner then I thought. Works wonder to give you booth a energy boost and taste great!

Free Focus Chew Sampler
Jacob Johnstone
In between starbursts and nowandlaters as far as textures. Sticks bad to the wrapper.

Very little difference notice between taking the energy and the focus. The food coloring is too much. A blue one will have your mouth blue like a toddler all day.

Blue Raspberry Focus chews

I have been using 1 shot daily for a little over 2 months now. The blue raspberry chew is my favorite flavor. I am glad I found a good way to get some of the daily vitamins. I will continue to purchase these as I run low. I did however try the blue raspberry energy chews and I noticed more of a bitter taste, those are a little harder to enjoy. The energy chew flavors need a bit of work but I will continue to purchase Focus for the time being. Thanks again 1shot team.🙌🏻

Thanks Tyler!! Glad you're loving the Focus Chew flavors and formula <3 Appreciate the review

Definitely understand the Energy Chews have a much stronger taste!! Think of them more like a 5 Hour Energy; an extremely potent and effective piece for when you need a serious caffeinated boost. Their flavor can take getting accustomed too, especially if you're used to super sweet sugar/sucralose filled drinks!! With over 300mg of caffeine per oz (0.2oz piece serving) our Energy Chews are the strongest energy consumable per oz on the market!! While our Focus Chews are a more tasty natural daily focus, energy and nutrition 'candy'.

Keep an eye out though!! We are always developing new flavors and products; in the future we may look at creating a lower strength energy chew that has a bit less kick but still delivers a solid caffeine/amino boost in every chew.

Free Focus Chew Sampler
Melanie Revers
Focus Chew Sampler

Great taste and they work great!

Thanks Melanie! Appreciate you and your continued support Happy you're lovin' the chews!!

Just so dang hard…

The flavors are nice and I think the products work as intended…
But they are so hard. It is a HUGE jaw workout to even get them somewhat softened & it feels luke my teeth are gonna be pull out of my gums. So sad because I was so excited for them.

Thanks for the review and feedback Jalen. Glad to hear you're enjoying the flavors and effects!!

Sorry to hear they were a bit firm for your liking. If you like them softer right away a quick tip to try is to pop them in your pocket (coin pocket on pants is great) for 30 seconds or so before unwrapping; they will soften up nicely for when you first pop them in your mouth!! The longer you leave them in a pocket next to body heat the softer they'll get before enjoying. Appreciate the support and feedback!

Great energy!

I love the energy that the 1 shot energy chew gives and I do not crash like the typical energy drink. The only negative is the flavor of the mango. I purchased the lemon lime energy shot and it is far superior in terms of the taste. Unfortunately I tolerate the orange mango flavor but it does get the job done. I have lost a few pound from these since switching from energy drinks. I would highly recommend your brand, just not the orange mango. (P.s I also have the non caffeine version of the orange mango and it tastes great!)

Thanks for the awesome review! So glad to hear they're working well for you and you've been able to lose weight by kicking energy drinks!! Definitely understand not all the flavors are for everyone, and Orange Mango while some love it is not usually as popular as the Blue Raspberry and Lemon lime. We have more flavors in the works for next year so keep an eye out!! Thanks again for the feedback and support.

Best Flavor By Far

These taste great, Blue Raspberry is the only flavor that I liked, but I definitely felt the energy boost.

Thanks MrRex!! Glad they are helping keep you energized and you're enjoying the Blue Raz flavor <3

Really works and tastes great!

I really love this product, it comes in convenient packaging, Star Burst size, so I can put one in my pocket and go. They also taste great!

Thank you Lisa!! Appreciate the awesome review and love to hear you're enjoying them so much. <3


The focus chews taste great! Love them!

Thanks Melanie!! Glad you're loving them. We've got more Focus flavors and some new functions coming next year!

Great taste, faint aftertaste.

Flavors were wonderful. Even those I didn't care for were still pretty good, the aftertaste just didn't sit well with them, blue raspberry was the highlight for me, would definitely buy again! (And probably the focus chews too!)

Thank you Matt, appreciate the review!! Glad you're enjoying the Blue Raz, they are a favorite for sure. We've got a new Sour Limeade flavor coming March of next year, so stay tuned!

Everything As Advertised

Not only are these chews very delicious, but the boost of energy that you’ll receive is immediate and lasts for a extremely long period of time.

Appreciate you Joshua!! Thanks for the review; happy to hear they are working well for ya!

Well worth it!

Great value for the price, chews are both effective and tasty.

Thanks Eric!! Appreciate you're support and grabbing a bundle. Love to hear that the chews are working well for you and you're enjoying the flavors!


I really like them they are just amazing

Thanks Christopher! Stoked to hear you're loving the Orange Mango <3

My New Favorite Candy

These chews are exactly as advertised! Not only do these tasty amazing, but with the additional benefits such as a focus and immunity boost and being vitamin fortified, they have been a much more effective alternative than other products.

Thank you Joshua!!! That is what we like to hear and exactly why we developed our Focus Chews. A tasty treat that is actually healthy while giving some great daily focus, vitamin and immunity benefits. <3

Assorted Focus Chews | Caffeine Free - Focus, Vitamins & Immunity (30 Pieces - 3 Flavors)


I was given a sample and BigSyn head of LimitlessGG was on my podcast. Thought I would give it a try. It's there, you feel it a bit, and the only downside is the aftertaste. It's a nice chewy fruit candy. Solid. I understand $20 for 30 pieces (basically a monthly subscription because its a daily supplement) is a bit much, but it's not a joke. It's not fake.

Delicious & Nutritious?!

The Focus Chews have become a go-to for me when I want to boost my focus and immunity. I'm a regular supplement guy, and most of them taste terrible. These are delicious, and provide the same, if not better, benefit than most comparable options. All of the flavors are tasty, but the Blue Raspberry edges out a lead for me. Pair the best flavor, with the best co-branding with Limitless? Done deal!

Super amazing.

The flavour and chewiness is just perfect, the flavour isn't overbearing and is overall super enjoyable.

The only gripe I do have is the chews can often stick to the wax papers and can leave some paper on it when I eat them but I can say the same with other chew products like this. It's only a minor thing I have but it doesn't ruin the experience.

10/10 in my honest opinion, love One Shot.

Lemon Lime Energy Chews

I was very happy with the product. I had the lemon lime focus candy before and like the taste I knew when I wanted to get the energy candy that lemon lime was the one for me. They taste great. They are very effective and give me a tremendous amount of energy. I will be a continued customer.

Love these!

Fantastic product. Love the flavor. 5 stars definitely.

Highly Recommend

These chews are great! I was so much more alert at work without feeling like I needed caffeine! The only thing I didn't like is that the mandarin chew was really bitter for me.

Mostly great chews!

I got the pack with a mix of the energy chews, and they're pretty great; the blue ones have quite a bite to them, hard hitting chemical taste. so if you're looking for a more reserved "energy" taste, I'd stick with mango and lemon lime. I also got the focus mix bag, and those are all great tasting

Energy Chew Sample Pack | 75mg Caffeine per Piece (18 Pieces - Pick Your Flavors)

Energy drink replacement.

I am in the process of completely replacing my energy drinks with 1 shot energy. It gives you a nice energy boost with only about a cup of coffee worth of caffeine it lasts longer then energy drinks and I don’t get a crash later as it slowly wears off. This is the best energy product I have found yet. On and if it’s too late for caffeine the focus chews work well too.

Surprisingly near perfection

These are my new go to when i need an energy boost. So much easier than mixing energy powder. Taste better than pre-mixed energy drink and you don't have to carry or keep up with a bottle. Quicker to chew and Taste great, but it does take a couple to adjust to the taste. One in the early afternoon and i am almost immediately ready to tackle the remainder of the day energized and focused. I am almost ready to order more. Thank you for such a wonderful product. Review Medals Silver Authentic Shop medal Top 10% Trending Shops medal