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Unlimited power!

The toxic lime energy Chews were pretty good tasting, but whoo eee do they kick in fast and hard. First time I took them had me up till 3:00 a.m. Overall, I can't wait for the Tan focus Chews to drop!

Blue rasberry

Love the flavor and the size I keep a sleeve in my pocket while at work in the sand mine

My personal favorite flavor

I'm a fan of sourness, and for me this was the best level of sour to sweet. The toxic limeade was a bit too intense for me and blueberry in particular was spot on.

Energy Chews

Bravo! They give me a nice little pick me up when I start feeling tired and helps me make it through the day

Voice drops

They really work! I love em!!!

Late delivery

It took 20 days until they sent the product. Had to contact them via Facebook. They did not reply via email or phone call. They did give me a $20 gift card as a sorry. The product it's self is amazing but the delivery and shipment could use some work. My last order took about 10 days until they sent it out. Would give a 5 star if it wasn't for the delivery issue.

Great stuff!

Great chew, gives you a quick zip of go.
Flavor could be a little stronger to cover the taste of the caffeine itself but overall great stuff!

Orange mango 🥭

Arrived in timely manner I like it just wasn’t my favorite out of flavors definitely is good thu would recommend if you like fruity flavors

Blue Razz

One of my favorite flavors so far definitely recommend and arrived in timely manner and had some stickers 🥳

Great product

Working nights these helped me stay awake and alert with no crash. The bitter taste takes a bit of getting use to but the blue raspberry definitely helps mask the flavor some. Have already placed an order for more.

Bad taste

I got the sample pack and couldn’t even get one down I did not like them

The Best Product Ever!

This product is amazing I felt the difference after just one day. I work two jobs, and these focus and energy chews have done more for me than the coffee or Red Bull.
I'm a customer for life.

Adult Now&Later

Nothing bad to say honestly, I use the energy chews on car rides and fishing trips. Would recommend getting the bundle for a first time buyer as you get to try everything. Would I buy this product again? Yes, it's addicting and gives me a little bump in energy when needed.

Bitter but great

Once you get bast that first bit of bitterness, you can feel that kick of energy. Perfect little pick me up while riding or working.

Blue raspberry one shot

I don't like blue raspberry much but this wasn't too bad did keep me awake for a bit too works good for late night gaming sessions

One shot toxic limeade

It has a weird aftertaste but if you can get over that it is amazing and for some people I see it doesn't help but for most people I had try it it does and the code makes it even more worth it.

These things work great. Energy with no bad feelings afterwards.

Just placed my 2nd order!

I love to try new flavors and I had to buy another set for my daily caffeine fix! I love the rewards system and can’t wait to get my hands on them! Thanks!

Love it

Love it, taste is wonderful. Wish it was a bit stronger. I take like 3 tabs but don’t feel the energy that much. I work overnights so thought it would help more then energy drink. But over all still 5 stars

My friend let me try this flavor, I'm not a big fan of this flavor but its not horrible.

My favorite flavor so far, Would definitely recommend.

horrible taste. think I need to go to the dentist.

increased function

really helpped me on those long gaming sessions

how to start

tried a couple of them at a friends house mango orange was my favorite