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Code didn’t work

My son wanted to buy these energy chews for an oculus code.. the code didn’t work. The end.

They are amazing

They have really helped me with staying up in school and doing my assignments

I never received them and nobody will answer

I was hoping someone would help me but the response I got was that it was marked as delivered so it was delivered and to check with USPS. I forwarded the email from USPS saying it was never received (also, it's insured mail) and despite following up twice AND reaching out on tiktok I've gotten no help. Sucks because I really like the product but since I'm out $80 and nobody will help me I don't think I'll be purchasing again

Great Product

Working, in LE I needed something to give me a caffeine boost without the constant need to stop at a gas station for energy drinks. These are the perfect product for it. The blue raspberry is pretty tart, however if that’s something you like, you’ll love it. Don’t mind the blue tongue. I also ordered a set of the Ghost of Tabor Toxic Limeade and it was phenomenal! Only down fall I never for my 1 shot M4 😭. The taste of them is great! They’re not sour whatsoever. They’re sweet, and delicious. I also ordered a packet of the focus chews. They’re absolutely amazing products. I highly recommend them and encourage everyone to try them.


Helped me a lot when getting through my 12 hour shifts working in manufacturing. Great product helped me get going on days that were harder than others!

Assorted Focus Chews | Nootropics, Vitamins & Immunity (Approx. 30 Pieces - 3 Flavors)

Sample Pack Review

Being a big fan of Ghosts of Tabor, and seeing the development with One Shot I have had my eyes on them for a while,however, due to my heart condition I really need to pace myself and be aware of caffeine items. I am happy to say that the one shots are perfectly comfortable with me and lead little issue, I even got my partner hooked on the orange mango! They have been wonderful right before stream as well for me to have the right amount of energy inside VR and eager to try other flavor soon!

They’re okay there’s just this taste to them that takes away from the fruity flavor, but these do work at waking you up.

Toxic limeade is the best flavor imo, but I will say I really enjoyed the orange mango as well. Not to say that any of the flavors taste bad but those are my two favorites. Something about these remind me of the taste of candy when I was younger which is really hard to describe properly but I will absolutely be restocking when I run out.

I didn’t notice until the shirt actually arrived but there is a color shift to the logo. I really like holographic and pearlescent/color shifting effects and I’d definitely buy another shirt if there were more designs and they included the color shifting effect.

I really like the flavor and the break your teeth off level of chewiness at first before it starts to melt. I also really appreciate the lack of jitters I was expecting. This is absolutely the best flavor in my opinion and hope to see more flavors in the future.

Absolutely Amazing

An amazing flavor that brings SUPER CLEAN energy. Absolutely no crashes, jitteryness, etc. Gonna buy more soon. CHECK MY TIKTOK @topalofii

A Clean Kick of Energy!!

I absolutely love the clean, no jitter, focus I get after eating one of the Focus Chews. It is exactly what I was looking for. Would totally recommend these to anyone looking for a clean, no jitter pick me up.

Effective as a caffeine source, very strong taste though

Something new and interesting

Would love to try another flavor and compare. Good to have on hand when at work and can't get a drink or keep one cold. Flavor had good citrus notes, like a sprite, took a little to get accostumed to but it's not bad. Going to order again in a differnt flavor!


Got here quick and was satisfied with condition it arrived in Thx

Not received

I have left an email regarding this. Please follow up.

Amazing product

With absolutely no massive decline from the caffeine it’s the best way I’ve found to enjoy a boost with the confidence of not feeling awful like with coffee or other caffeine alternatives


Definitely gonna get some more

Worth it

Helps me out a lot especially when I go to work tired. Highly recommend

Taste was very off

They woke me up, but only because I almost threw up eating them

It's okay

They're hard unless you warm them up. And they definitely taste like the "fake" sugar. I've had better gummy vitamins, but they're 100% better than the chalk ones.

No Skin

Bought this and the skin wouldn’t upload, scam

Toxic Limeade Energy Chews | 75mg Caffeine per Piece (48 Pieces)