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Key Ingredients

A powerful blend of caffeine, amino acids and antioxidants delivered immediately while you chew.

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How They Work❓

1 Shot® Focus Chews are a functional candy created for the needs of gamers, athletes, professionals and more.

The second you start chewing, our nootropic and vitamin infusion begins immediate absorption through the buccal (sides of mouth) and sublingual (under tongue) membranes. The portion of candy that is swallowed provides an extended release, creating a perfect balance of immediate and long lasting benefits.

Our Focus Chews are a long lasting taffy chew, similar in texture to a Now and Later. The act of chewing them further improves concentration and strengthens jaw muscles. With no caffeine and less than 1g of sugar per piece you can enjoy them as a healthy taffy "candy" with awesome functional benefits.

What Are They Made Of? 🔍

Our Focus Chews are infused with B vitamins (100% of daily B6 & B12) and the amino acid Tyrosine. These nootropics work together to improve mental concentration and support natural and sustainable daily energy. The further vitamin blend of C, D and E supports daily nutrition and health. Last but not least we fortified our chews with Zinc, providing immune system support to help keep you at the top of your game.

Made with entirely plant-based ingredients, the Soluble Corn Fiber base provides 20% of daily prebiotic dietary fiber and only 5g net carbs! And our natural sweetener Monk Fruit gives them a tasty sweetness with additional immune system support and antioxidant benefits.

Flavor Profile | Blue Raz 🫐 Lemon Lime 🍋 Mandarin Orange 🍊

Our Assorted Focus chews come with all three of our focus chew flavors! Each one is a juicy taffy chews bursting with sweet fruit flavors.

  • Blue Raspberry: Sweet like a classic gas station slushee! 🥤
  • Lemon Lime: Made with pure lemon and lime oil for a punching and natural citrus flavor. 🍋
  • Mandarin Orange: A smooth and sweet ripe mandarin orange flavor. 🥭
What's Inside | Approx. 30 Assorted Pieces 📦
  • Includes (1) Focus Chew Bag of assorted flavors (Mandarin Orange - Blue Raspberry - Lemon Lime) with 6.3oz (approximately 30 pieces total)
  • Low Sugar less than 1g of sugar per chew
  • Focus Boost from the amino acid Tyrosine
  • Natural Energy from 100% of daily vitamins B6 & B12
  • Vitamin Fortification 100% of daily C, D & E per serving
  • Immunity Boost 50% of daily Zinc per serving
  • Prebiotic/Fiber boosted with 22% of daily prebiotic fiber
  • Antioxidant benefits from Monk Fruit
  • Only 20 Calories per serving
    No Artificial Sweeteners or sugar alcohols
  • No Fillers; giving you the ingredients you want with no crap
  • Keto friendly, sweetened with low sugar and natural Monk Fruit extract
  • Plant-Based/Vegan friendly, made with pectin and organic brown rice syrup

Customer Reviews

Based on 145 reviews
JR (Pennsylvania)
Great Product!

I saw the product on an advertisement, so I thought that I would try them out. I purchased the focus and energy chews mixed packs.
I like them more than what I was expecting. I would buy them again.

JP (Massachusetts)
A nice change

Ordered these after an ad on instagram. As a third shift police officer I tend live off caffeine. These are a great alternative to the general energy drinks. I do find that they tend to have better focus properties. The only downside side is a slight bitter taste.

Kyle Alexander (Ohio)
Never got

Never got

Salvatore DAgostino (New York)
The best

They flavors are good and I use them all the time

Shawn McGonigle (Maryland)

Great Product!

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