Soothing Yuzu Voice Drops | Infused with Slippery Elm, Marshmallow & Licorice Root (30 Pieces) 1 Shot Energy

Voice Drops

Our newest addition to the 1 Shot® line-up. Our Soothing Yuzu Voice Drops are a hard candy honey lozenge infused with Slippery Elm Bark, Marshmallow Root & Licorice Root. As they dissolve in your mouth this blend of demulcent ingredients coats your throat with a soothing protective film while providing a refreshing cooling effect from a dash of pure peppermint oil.

Developed in close collaboration with metal vocalist Matt Heafy from the band Trivium, we formulated our Voice Drops with the ingredients he swears by on tour in order to make a truly effective piece that can soothe even the most powerful voice. Made with all natural colors, flavors and all plant-based ingredients.

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Energy Chews

1 Shot® ENERGY CHEWS are a healthy and convenient energy boosting supplement candy for gamers, athletes, professionals and more. Our Energy Chews are infused with 75mg of caffeine + 600mg of additional nootropics that give you a serious energy boost that works immediately as you chew. Naturally sweetened, no fillers and the most MINIMAL NUTRITIONAL IMPACT possible to deliver a full energy serving aside from a caffeine pill, there is nothing else out there like a 1 Shot Energy Chew.

These are the ultimate form of effective and convenient energy delivery when you need a big boost. No need to drink 24+oz of fillers and fake sweeteners. Now you can pop a 1 Shot® ENERGY CHEW in seconds and get back to your day. Maintain healthy daily nutrition and energy support with our FOCUS CHEWS, and keep our ENERGY CHEWS on deck for when you need that extra big caffeinated boost to get sh*t done.

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Focus Bundle | Pick Your Flavors - 1 Shot - Focus Chews
Sunshinebread Bundle | Lemon Lime Energy Chews & Assorted Focus Chews 1 Shot Energy

Focus Chews

1 Shot® FOCUS CHEWS are a performance functional candy created for the needs of gamers, athletes, professionals and more. We were sick of seeing all the same generic white labeled crap full of too much caffeine, fillers, fake sweeteners and dubious claims. So we set out to make the perfect alternative to get healthy, effective and sustainable daily energy. 1 Shot® Focus Chews!

Using plant based ingredients our Focus Chews improve mental concentration and give a natural boost of energy from our B vitamin complex (100% of daily B6 & B12) and the amino acid Tyrosine. The further vitamin stack of C, D and E help support daily nutrition and health. Last but not least we fortified our chews with Zinc, providing immune system support to help keep you at the top of your game.

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