Wondering what exactly a 1 Shot Energy Chew is? What's in them? How do they work? You are in the right place!

We created 1 Shot Energy chews to give people a new and efficient form of clean energy.

While we love an energy drink from time to time, like many people we found that they were just too inefficient having to drink a large amount of liquid, bulky to travel with and store, filled your stomach with tons of artificial sweeteners and/or sugars and in powdered form are a bit of a hassle/mess.

Over the course of a year we set out to create the first chewy candy that is packed FULL of caffeine and a similar energy ingredient blend to the drinks you already know and enjoy. 

These aren't like the typical "energy chews" that you see on store shelves by the big sports brands...those are glorified pieces of candy that have 0 active ingredients and claim to give you energy simply from the carbohydrates/sugars in them. We thought that was silly and on the verge of false advertising!! You'll get just as much energy from a few Sour Patch Kids as you will from these supposed "energy chews".

We didn't develop a glorified block of sugar...we developed a world first form factor of active energy, focus and eye health supplements. After much trial and error we were able to create our 1 Shot Energy Chews.

We said NO to artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols. Every piece is made with a small amount of sugar/corn syrup (only 4 grams per piece) and the main sweetener is Monk Fruit. This awesome plant provides a delicious all natural sweetness (300x sweeter than sugar) that leaves your tummy happy and keeps our chews tasting amazing!

Our team then hit the books to figure out how we can pack over 600mg of active ingredients into a tiny 6gram piece of chewy candy!! Some said it was impossible....but we proved them wrong.

We created a piece of candy that has 75mg of pure caffeine and over 600mg of additional energy, focus and eye health supplements. (We will go into details on every ingredient and it's benefit in further posts!).

Our 1 Shot Energy Chews give you a perfect alternative to typical liquid and powdered energy drinks. Pop a chew and hydrate with clean liquids like water!!

We like to compare every piece to about the same energy/effect you would receive from a standard 8oz Redbull. Each piece packs a serious punch!!

And that about covers the basics. If you have any other questions about our chews please reach out to us directly at hello@1shotenergy.com!! We are happy to answer any questions.