Blue Raspberry Energy Chews | 75mg Caffeine per Piece (48 Pieces)

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1 Shot™ ENERGY CHEWS are a healthy and convenient energy boosting supplement candy for gamers, athletes, professionals and more! Our ENERGY CHEWS are infused with 75mg of pure caffeine + 600mg of additional nootropics giving you a serious energy boost that works immediately as you chew. Naturally sweetened, no fillers and the most MINIMAL NUTRITIONAL IMPACT possible to deliver a full energy serving, there is nothing else out there like a 1 Shot™ ENERGY CHEW.

These are the future of effective, healthy and convenient energy delivery when you need a big boost. No need to drink 24+oz of fillers and fake sweeteners. Now you can pop a 1 Shot™ ENERGY CHEW in seconds, hydrate with water and get back to your day. Maintain healthy daily nutrition and energy support with our 1 Shot™ FOCUS CHEWS, and keep our ENERGY CHEWS on deck for when you need that extra big caffeinated boost to get sh*t done.

Our Blue Raspberry Energy Chews have a sour, fruity and sweet raspberry kick that will remind you of a classic slushee!

The effects of each piece are about equivalent to what you will feel from an entire 8oz energy drink. Think of them like a 5 Hour Energy in a chewy candy form!! They pack a serious punch and work immediately.

  • Includes (1) 48 Piece Box of Blue Raspberry Energy Chews
  • Low Sugar Less than 4g of sugar per chew
  • Energy Complex (75mg Caffeine per Piece)
  • Focus & Eye Health Complex
  • Antioxidant Complex
  • Only 20 Calories per Piece/Serving
  • No Artificial Sweeteners or sugar alcohols
  • Nootropics that work with caffeine to sharpen focus and smooth jitters
  • No Fillers, giving you the supplements you want with no crap
  • Cost less than $0.60 per serving (with creator/discount code(s))
  • Keto friendly, sweetened with low sugar and natural Monk Fruit extract
While these are in a chewy candy form, they are also a serious energy supplement meant to be taken one or two at a time. They have a noticeable flavor kick that can take getting accustomed too. Not recommended for sensitive taste buds! 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 118 reviews
    Great taste, faint aftertaste.

    Flavors were wonderful. Even those I didn't care for were still pretty good, the aftertaste just didn't sit well with them, blue raspberry was the highlight for me, would definitely buy again! (And probably the focus chews too!)

    Joshua Laborte
    Everything As Advertised

    Not only are these chews very delicious, but the boost of energy that you’ll receive is immediate and lasts for a extremely long period of time.

    Christopher Hary

    I really like them they are just amazing

    John Johnson
    Lemon Lime Energy Chews

    I was very happy with the product. I had the lemon lime focus candy before and like the taste I knew when I wanted to get the energy candy that lemon lime was the one for me. They taste great. They are very effective and give me a tremendous amount of energy. I will be a continued customer.

    Mostly great chews!

    I got the pack with a mix of the energy chews, and they're pretty great; the blue ones have quite a bite to them, hard hitting chemical taste. so if you're looking for a more reserved "energy" taste, I'd stick with mango and lemon lime. I also got the focus mix bag, and those are all great tasting Review Medals Silver Authentic Shop medal Top 10% Trending Shops medal