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Get your daily energy & focus essentials! Snag this bundle of our Energy and Focus chews at a killer deal!! Save an additional 15% as opposed to buying them separately + apply any discounts from code(s).

Pick your favorite flavor box of Energy Chews & your favorite two bags of Focus Chews! That's 48 Energy Chews and 60 Focus Chews for $64 (normally $75)!! Plus get a limited edition 1 Shot Space Monkey sticker.

Energy Chews

  • Low Sugar less than 4g of sugar per chew
  • Includes 1 Box of 48 Pieces of your flavor choice
  • Energy Complex (75mg Caffeine + 600mgs of Nootropics per Piece)
  • Focus & Eye Health Complex
  • Antioxidant Complex
  • Only 20 Calories per Piece/Serving
  • No Artificial Sweeteners or sugar alcohols
  • Nootropics that work with caffeine to sharpen focus and smooth jitters
  • No Fillers, giving you the supplements you want with no crap
  • Cost less than $0.60 per serving (with creator/discount code(s))
  • Keto friendly, sweetened with low sugar and natural Monk Fruit extract

Focus Chews

  • Includes (2) 30 Piece Bags of assorted or single flavor(s)
  • Low Sugar less than 1g of sugar per chew
  • Focus Boost from the amino acid Tyrosine
  • Vitamin Fortification 100% of daily B6, B12, C, D & E per serving
  • Immunity Boost 50% of daily Zinc per serving
  • Only 20 Calories per serving
  • No Artificial Sweeteners or sugar alcohols
  • No Fillers, giving you the ingredients you want with no crap
  • Cost less than $0.55 per chew (with creator/discount code(s))
  • Keto friendly, sweetened with low sugar and natural Monk Fruit extract
  • Vegan friendly, made with pectin and sugars from organic brown rice syrup

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Eric Paulhus
Well worth it!

Great value for the price, chews are both effective and tasty.

Joshua Laborte
My New Favorite Candy

These chews are exactly as advertised! Not only do these tasty amazing, but with the additional benefits such as a focus and immunity boost and being vitamin fortified, they have been a much more effective alternative than other products.

Nicole Perez

Assorted Focus Chews | Caffeine Free - Focus, Vitamins & Immunity (30 Pieces - 3 Flavors)

AJ Torres

I was given a sample and BigSyn head of LimitlessGG was on my podcast. Thought I would give it a try. It's there, you feel it a bit, and the only downside is the aftertaste. It's a nice chewy fruit candy. Solid. I understand $20 for 30 pieces (basically a monthly subscription because its a daily supplement) is a bit much, but it's not a joke. It's not fake.

Blake Bonfiglio
Delicious & Nutritious?!

The Focus Chews have become a go-to for me when I want to boost my focus and immunity. I'm a regular supplement guy, and most of them taste terrible. These are delicious, and provide the same, if not better, benefit than most comparable options. All of the flavors are tasty, but the Blue Raspberry edges out a lead for me. Pair the best flavor, with the best co-branding with Limitless? Done deal! Review Medals Silver Authentic Shop medal Top 10% Trending Shops medal