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Energy Bundle | Pick Your Flavors

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Get your daily energy essentials! Snag this bundle of our Energy chews at a killer deal!! Save an additional 15% as opposed to buying them separately + apply any discounts from code(s).

Pick 3 of your your favorite flavor boxes of Energy Chews! That's 144 Energy Chews for less than $90 (normally $105)!! Plus get a limited edition 1 Shot Space Monkey sticker.

Energy Chews

  • Low Sugar less than 4g of sugar per chew
  • Includes (3) 48 Pieces Boxes of your flavor choice
  • Energy Complex (75mg Caffeine + 600mgs of Nootropics per Piece)
  • Focus & Eye Health Complex
  • Antioxidant Complex
  • Only 20 Calories per Piece/Serving
  • No Artificial Sweeteners or sugar alcohols
  • Nootropics that work with caffeine to sharpen focus and smooth jitters
  • No Fillers, giving you the supplements you want with no crap
  • Cost less than $0.60 per serving (with creator/discount code(s))
  • Keto friendly, sweetened with low sugar and natural Monk Fruit extract

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 126 reviews
    Good Effect, but needs better flavor

    consistency is exactly like a Starburst, but the flavor falls a little flat and the after taste is a little much, but could be ok with a stronger flavor. the caffeine though works as intended and pretty quickly gives me the pick me up I need.

    Christian Bean
    Not great, not bad.

    Been using the Blue Raspberry Energy Chres for a week now. Taste is good, not great. 6.5/10 but again they’re energy chews so I can’t expect them to taste like candy. As for the energy part, I’m still on the fence. Definitely don’t feel jittery or bad, but I can’t tell if I actually feel energized by them or not. Will continue to use though.

    Appreciate the detailed review Christian! Glad you're enjoying the flavor for the awesome formula they deliver.

    Hope they work for you as you're able to try them out more!! While our suggested serving is 1 chew, if you're accustomed to a lot more than 75mgs of caffeine you may want to try taking two and see how the effects feel and adjust from there. And we do find a lot of people say they get a much 'cleaner' energy feeling compared to a typical energy drink; so it may be a bit less noticeable compared to the more 'wired' feeling a sugary energy drink can give. Cheers!!

    Nathaniel Rivera
    Great taste, great energy

    Great taste and great flavor! Definitely feel the effects of the caffeine. Only thing I wish was that they were a bit softer/chewier but still worth a shot!

    Thanks Nathaniel; happy to hear it and appreciate the feedback!!

    Andreas King
    The taste is a little unbearable

    I feel like the energy side worked but I couldn’t get over the taste of the product. I had to swallow it with water and even that was hard to do

    Thank you Andreas; really appreciate you taking the time to drop a review! And we can understand where you're coming from.

    Our Energy Chews are definitely effective first and can take some getting accustomed too flavor wise. Though we do see that most people who enjoy the effects and find them a bit strong at first will really enjoy them once accustomed to the flavor kick. And definitely explore all three flavors as they all taste very different!! We recommend the Blue Raz and Lemon Lime for new users :) Seeing as you snagged the Blue Razz, definitely give the Lemon Lime a go next if you find yourself enjoying them and think a flavor change might do the trick.

    Also, check out our Focus Chews if you're interested in something more tasty! They taste more like a traditional 'candy' chew and are even more nutritious (prebiotics, fiber, etc.) and give a nice boost of caffeine free energy/focus with nootropics, vitamins and zinc :)

    Shanai Smith

    These are really great! I’m a small streamer and I don’t like how jittery coffee makes me feel and I prefer to drink water. So, these energy chews are perfect for giving me some extra energy and they are tasty too. I like blue raspberry the most, but they are all good

    Thank you Shanai!! And thank you for the cat video :) Review Medals Silver Authentic Shop medal Top 10% Trending Shops medal