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Energy Chew Sample Pack | 75mg Caffeine per Piece (18 Pieces - Pick Your Flavors)

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Want to try 1 Shot Energy Chews? This is the perfect pack to find the flavor(s) you like. Get three 6 piece sleeves of the flavors of your choice! Lemon Lime, Orange Mango and/or Blue Raspberry!!

1 Shot™ ENERGY CHEWS have arrived to revolutionize the way you get energy and performance supplements. Each piece of naturally sweetened low sugar taffy packs a powerful punch of caffeine, nootropics and antioxidants! Enjoy a burst of flavor that will help you stay energized all day without any crash or need to chug beverages full of fillers and artificial sweeteners.

Thanks to our revolutionary formula, 1 Shot Energy Chews begin working the moment you pop one in your mouth. As you chew, the caffeine and nootropics release and begin direct absorption through your mouth, providing and instantaneous effect. The remaining candy that is swallowed provides an extended release, resulting in both an immediate AND long-lasting boost of energy with no crash.

Customize Your Sample Pack by Selecting the 3 Flavors you Want.

The effects of each piece are about equivalent to what you will feel from an entire 8oz energy drink. Think of them like a 5 Hour Energy in a chewy candy form!! They pack a serious punch and work immediately.

  • Low Sugar less than 4g of sugar per chew
  • Includes (3) 6 Piece Sleeves of your flavor choices
  • Energy Complex (75mg Caffeine per Piece)
  • Focus & Eye Health Complex
  • Antioxidant Complex
  • Only 20 Calories per Piece/Serving
  • No Artificial Sweeteners or sugar alcohols
  • Nootropics that work with caffeine to sharpen focus and smooth jitters
  • No Fillers, giving you the supplements you want with no crap
  • Cost less than $0.60 per serving (with creator/discount code(s))
  • Keto friendly, sweetened with low sugar and natural Monk Fruit extract
While these are in a chewy candy form, they are also a serious energy supplement meant to be taken one or two at a time. They have a noticeable flavor kick that can take getting accustomed too. Not recommended for sensitive taste buds! 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 120 reviews
    1ShotEnergy Gamer
    Great energy!

    I love the energy that the 1 shot energy chew gives and I do not crash like the typical energy drink. The only negative is the flavor of the mango. I purchased the lemon lime energy shot and it is far superior in terms of the taste. Unfortunately I tolerate the orange mango flavor but it does get the job done. I have lost a few pound from these since switching from energy drinks. I would highly recommend your brand, just not the orange mango. (P.s I also have the non caffeine version of the orange mango and it tastes great!)

    Thanks for the awesome review! So glad to hear they're working well for you and you've been able to lose weight by kicking energy drinks!! Definitely understand not all the flavors are for everyone, and Orange Mango while some love it is not usually as popular as the Blue Raspberry and Lemon lime. We have more flavors in the works for next year so keep an eye out!! Thanks again for the feedback and support.

    Best Flavor By Far

    These taste great, Blue Raspberry is the only flavor that I liked, but I definitely felt the energy boost.

    Thanks MrRex!! Glad they are helping keep you energized and you're enjoying the Blue Raz flavor <3

    Great taste, faint aftertaste.

    Flavors were wonderful. Even those I didn't care for were still pretty good, the aftertaste just didn't sit well with them, blue raspberry was the highlight for me, would definitely buy again! (And probably the focus chews too!)

    Thank you Matt, appreciate the review!! Glad you're enjoying the Blue Raz, they are a favorite for sure. We've got a new Sour Limeade flavor coming March of next year, so stay tuned!

    Joshua Laborte
    Everything As Advertised

    Not only are these chews very delicious, but the boost of energy that you’ll receive is immediate and lasts for a extremely long period of time.

    Appreciate you Joshua!! Thanks for the review; happy to hear they are working well for ya!

    Christopher Hary

    I really like them they are just amazing

    Thanks Christopher! Stoked to hear you're loving the Orange Mango <3 Review Medals Silver Authentic Shop medal Top 10% Trending Shops medal