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Great idea, not the best taste

I really like the idea of 75mg of caffeine in a small chew. However, the flavor is pretty intense. It has a bitter vitamin like flavor that is not disguised very well. I have been enjoying these chews, but dread having to eat 1 because of the flavor. I like what they are going for here, but be prepared for the taste. The blue chew instantly turned my mouth blue lol

Leaves a bad taste

Got these simply to try, they don't really taste that great. The caffine ones did give me some energy, but the taste is like consuming packets of artificial sweeteners. The blue Raspberry has too much blue dye in it and will stain your tongue and teeth. If I had to pick a "decent" flavor blue raspberry.


I love, love, these chews! The multi-pack box is the best. The flavors are amazing, but blue is the best! My son's RL stream followers absolutely love them. I donate giveaways of One Shot chews and they love winning them. My son, Guh, uses them to rock his 12 & 24 hour streams. Excited to try the no caffeine chews now. You will not be disappointed! xoxo

Thank you Laura! So great to hear how much you love them. Hope you enjoy the new caffeine free ones too! We love working with Guh; glad he's got you hooked as well :). Thanks again for the awesome review.

Perfect for on the go

Classic energy drinks always left me bloated and full, not to mention the hassel of keeping them cold. These were perfect to carry around taste wasn't too bad. Wish they sold bigger packs

Thanks Ton! Love hearing that. We do have 48 piece boxes of each flavor currently available, and we will becoming out with assorted 48 piece boxes in the future as we come out with more flavors. Cheers!
-1 Shot Energy


I haven't actually ordered these yet but I got a sample bag of them with my energy chews when they did a promo a bit ago. My new go to daily vitamins! Taste is amazing orange is my favorite but they are all super good. Stoked they are finally out! Going to have to grab a few bags. ate my last bag too fast lol

Effects great tastes not great

Overall 2hrs of caffine boost, remaining 3hrs gives a boost of focus. 5 hours total it lasts. Only need one to get ya moving! You have to get over the terrible taste to begin with! Personally I prefer the Lemon-Lime flavor, it masks the bad taste.

Got to try these with my last order!

These are so good!!! Like seriously, one of my new favorite candies and they give you the same stuff as a multi vitamin plus more. All three flavors taste amazing, blue being my favorite. I actually felt pretty alert/focused as well after having a few even though there's no caffeine. Definitely more like a candy than their energy chews which I love, but are super potent and powerful (wife hates them lol). Highly recommend these! Can't wait for release.

Lemon Lime Energy Chews | 75mg Caffeine per Piece (48 Pieces)

Lemon Lime

Great flavor and seems to work to get the day going

Thanks Adam! Much love for the great review. Glad to hear they've been working to help get your day going. We love popping one or two in the morning as we head out the door for a nice quick boost. Cheers!
-1 Shot Energy

Blue Raspberry?

Flavor is a bit acrid. I wouldn’t call them Raspberry which is one of my favorite flavors and hard to find done right.

They are good otherwise.

Blue raspberry chews

These chews truly help and I am someone who needs energy supplements to stay awake during the day, I have sleep apnea and narcolepsy. I take about 2 a day and I feel energized throughout the day and there is no crash, but as you start to wind down it will actually make you feel tired unlike most energy drinks. I would recommend trying their products, and I will keep using these and even try other flavors too I hope this helps someone who was also in my situation

Thanks so much Alex; so great to hear you're enjoying them and they are working so well for you. Stoked we can provide the assist to keep you awake and rocking your day! We'll have more flavors, strengths and candy types coming out in the future for ya to enjoy as well. Cheers!
- 1 Shot Energy

These Actually Work!!!

I really loved these! My favorite things about them would be the short activation time, and the perfect size candies! The mango flavor is by far the worst. Just take it off the menu or adjust the recipe lol. I love that on my way out the door in the morning, I can pop one in my mouth and feel it 20-30 minutes later. Fastest energy boost I've found!

Thanks Andres! Appreciate the awesome review and glad to hear they are working well for ya. And we hear you on the Orange Mango. Some people absolutely love it the most, but we definitely agree it has the most bite of the bunch! We'll have even more flavors, strengths and candy types (all energy/functional) coming out in the future. So stay tuned. Cheers!
-1 Shot Energy

Lemon Lime Energy Chews | 75mg Caffeine per Piece (48 Pieces)

work well and taste is good enough

Great for taking one in the morning to get going

Inconsistent but good

I first tried the focus chews as soon as they arrived in the mail, they were still cold from being outside and I almost lost a tooth but it tasted great! When they warmed up, I tried an energy chew and it tasted like I was eating a dry scoop of preworkout so I had to wash it down with water. That taste was only in about 4 of the 15 energy chews I had ordered. Other than the occasional bitter energy punch to my taste buds, these are great and totally worth the risk! I haven't gotten any caffeine withdrawals and I haven't had any post-caffiene groginess like I do with coffee. I personally would like to see these in stores near me in the future!

Thanks for the review William!! Glad to hear you're loving the energy chews as well as our new caffeine free functional ones. Not sure if you got the flavor inconsistency randomly across a few pieces in your energy chew sample pack, or if it was more just the first few chews. We find people tend to get the most bite on their first few, and as they become accustomed to the flavor and as the bitter blockers take effect they notice the supplement flavor less and less. They should be consistent! We appreciate the feedback and will keep it in mind as we are always striving to improve and make our chews even more awesome!

Theese SMACK!

1 Shots actually smack so hard. I ate like 3 and was so wired and felt really great throughout, no jitters or crash. They taste pretty strong! But I'm liking them a lot. The samples of their new caffeine free chews they sent were insanely good too.


Really like the blueraspberry! Noticeable energy and focus from just one. Will be back for more! Ty for the discount code <3


Quite a yummy product! Way better than chugging monster alld ay


amazing the energy these give in such a little piece

Liked them a lot

Effective and tasy enough to take quickly. Bit of an after taste accoding to my gf, but I didn't get much


Great energy, pretty tasty. Nice alternative to have.

They tasted so bad

Taste very vitamin like. Wouldn’t mind if it came as a slight after taste. But it was like the first couple of chews and then bam bad taste.


So sour in such a good way! They wake you up just from flavor and then the energy hits

New favorite

At first I didn't like this flavor as much as the others, but the more I eat it the more I like it. Super smooth and not too in your face. New fav honestly!!