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The effect of the product was exceptional. The idea is fantastic and I would love to eat one in lieu of an energy drink. The only issue with the product is the taste. I really tried to like the taste as I enjoy your brand, but I wasn’t able to eat them without being overwhelmed. The vitamin-y flavor coupled with how bitter and sour it is makes it hard to keep in the mouth for too long.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve heard the Focus is significantly better!

Best Caffeine/Energy Option Available!

I have really enjoyed the 1 Shot Energy chews, especially the orange mango flavor. These chews really do give you an energy boost. I've read other reviews from people criticizing how bitter these chews (specifically the orange mango flavor) are, but I personally really enjoy this flavor. There is just a little bit of bitter, but I find the same enjoyment in it that I find in coffee as well. Hopefully they don't change the recipe because I really like them how they are. I've tried the other flavors as well, I think those are great too. I also appreciate all the extra thought that went into the packaging on these chews, it creates such an enjoyable experience, all the way from unboxing to enjoying these while working at my desk. I feel like the 1 Shot Energy Chew team really put alot of thought and care into this product. Considering how much you get in a box, I feel the price is pretty spot on as well. I only have good things to say about these chews, they are truly amazing and have been an absolute game changer for me in the real world (especially working over night and having to get along with little to no sleep for days on end!). They have completely replaced energy drinks for me, and I'm never looking back! To the 1 Shot Energy team, your effort is much appreciated!

Worst thing I ever bought

If I thought I could get my money back, I would. What terrible flavors. I got all 3 and couldnt finish a single one. I cant believe these are selling.

Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy them!! We'd suggest trying our caffeine free focus/vitamin chews which taste more like a regular candy, if you can't quite handle the energy chews. Hit us up and we'll send a bag out on us.

Our energy chews, like a '5 hour energy', are a serious, potent & effective energy supplement in a candy form. While many people love them for their flavor, convenience and effectiveness, they do not taste like a regular candy and aren't for everyone!

1 Shot Review

I love the vitamin gummies. It's like eating a sugar free, vitamin filled Starburst. I've ordered 2 bags thus far and will keep ordering more!

Thank you!! Stoked you're enjoying them <3

Great taste

They tasted good! Love the blue raspberry. Kept me energized my entire work day without any crash afterwards

appreciate you! Glad to hear you're enjoying them and they're working well for you.

Got them on amazon

The 1 Shot focus chews are so good!! I got them off amazon originally and just found the site after eating the whole bag way too fast 😆. Amazing, low sugar, nice functions/health benefits. So freaking juicy!!! Honestly, they are up there with my favorite candies in general. Soft, chewy and delicious. The blue rasp flavor is unreal. 10/10

<3 Jen!! Glad you found your way over from Amazon; we really appreciate the reviews. Thank you, and glad to hear how much you're loving the chews!

I like them

Liked them a lot lemon lime was my favorite. Are you guys going to do individual flavor bags sometime!?

Thanks for the review. And yes!! Single flavor focus chew bags are coming soon.

Good taste and efficient energy

Taste is good and feel energized without any jitters. Use these before a workout a few times and gave me a good boost in energy and focus. Low caffeine is important to me so glad these have a blend of caffeine and other ingredients to provide that boost that I need.

Thanks for the review Josh! Glad you're enjoying them and the formula blend is working well for you. If you like low/no caffeine we just released our new caffeine free focus chews as well! Great option that gives a boost from tyrosine and daily vitamins without any caffeine. Cheers

Vitamin taste

Some of the flavors were really good but I couldn't get past the vitamin taste.


Top tier candy no joke. I won't lie...the orange is better than an orange starburst.

better than expected!

I love trying out new energy, vitamin and supplement products and always go in wondering how this is gonna go, but i was pleasantly surprised here!
As someone that works from home now, focus is a huge thing for me, along with needing to fee lawake and alert, and i've been having trouble doing that lately. this came across my twitter feed when it was just released, so me being who i am, i gave it a shot! pretty inexpensive, marketing towards a level of candy replacement, vitamins, alertness, all the things I was looking for, so why not?
short answer: it works! i thought i was tricking myself at first and also did time tests by going days without using them and also waiting about 1 week or so after being done with these to see the difference in how my functions are and i can clearly see a difference.
now, i will say that i wish they were a bit softer and had a more varied flavor selection, or that i could select just one flavor (blue razz please!), but outside of those 2 things, i'm thoroughly impressed and will be back for more!

That's what we like to hear! Stoked you're enjoying them and they're working well for you. Thanks for the awesome review. More flavors and single flavor bags coming in the future!


actually delicious flavor and gave some good focus plus the other stuff

Miracle Chews

A burst of fresh flavor and almost instant energy and mental focus boost….a brilliant addition to the line!

Love to hear it. Thank you!

Favourite vitmins!

I bought these out of pure curiosity, and they turned out to actually be a new fav candy! I’ve tried tons of supplements and vitamins over the years and these are by far my favorite, especially with them low sugar and natural. Highly recommend to anyone interested. All good but orange was my favorite, as it usually is.

Super good

100% recommend! I thoroughly loved all the flavors, got a noticeable focus boost and love that they get me all the vitamins and stuff. Awesome way to get a sweet lil treat + a focus boost that won't keep me up all night during late gaming sessions.

Thank you!! <3


I really enjoyed these! The flavor is so juicy, reminds me of a Starburst and they were nice and chewy. Crazy they are low sugar cause they don't taste like it! Kids liked them too

Orange Mango Energy Chews | 75mg Caffeine per Piece (48 Pieces)

really good taste

Taste like a hichew or something. Soft and chewy with yummy flavors. I like them alot better than the gummy vitamin I get at costco

Great idea, not the best taste

I really like the idea of 75mg of caffeine in a small chew. However, the flavor is pretty intense. It has a bitter vitamin like flavor that is not disguised very well. I have been enjoying these chews, but dread having to eat 1 because of the flavor. I like what they are going for here, but be prepared for the taste. The blue chew instantly turned my mouth blue lol

Thanks Ridge, glad to hear you love the idea and they are working well for you! We focused on a potent and truly effective package first and foremost. Like a 5 hour energy/energy shot they pack a serious punch in a coinvent form factor, are super effective and tasty enough to take quickly and get back to your day. They do have a serious flavor kick!

If they are a bit strong for your liking, check out our new caffeine free chews! Great focus, vitamin and immune health benefits in a similar candy without a noticeable supplement bite!! We will also be coming out with further flavors, strengths and form factors (lollipops, discs, sticks, etc.) in the future so there is something for everyone!

Leaves a bad taste

Got these simply to try, they don't really taste that great. The caffine ones did give me some energy, but the taste is like consuming packets of artificial sweeteners. The blue Raspberry has too much blue dye in it and will stain your tongue and teeth. If I had to pick a "decent" flavor blue raspberry.


I love, love, these chews! The multi-pack box is the best. The flavors are amazing, but blue is the best! My son's RL stream followers absolutely love them. I donate giveaways of One Shot chews and they love winning them. My son, Guh, uses them to rock his 12 & 24 hour streams. Excited to try the no caffeine chews now. You will not be disappointed! xoxo

Thank you Laura! So great to hear how much you love them. Hope you enjoy the new caffeine free ones too! We love working with Guh; glad he's got you hooked as well :). Thanks again for the awesome review.

Perfect for on the go

Classic energy drinks always left me bloated and full, not to mention the hassel of keeping them cold. These were perfect to carry around taste wasn't too bad. Wish they sold bigger packs

Thanks Ton! Love hearing that. We do have 48 piece boxes of each flavor currently available, and we will becoming out with assorted 48 piece boxes in the future as we come out with more flavors. Cheers!
-1 Shot Energy


I haven't actually ordered these yet but I got a sample bag of them with my energy chews when they did a promo a bit ago. My new go to daily vitamins! Taste is amazing orange is my favorite but they are all super good. Stoked they are finally out! Going to have to grab a few bags. ate my last bag too fast lol

Effects great tastes not great

Overall 2hrs of caffine boost, remaining 3hrs gives a boost of focus. 5 hours total it lasts. Only need one to get ya moving! You have to get over the terrible taste to begin with! Personally I prefer the Lemon-Lime flavor, it masks the bad taste. Verified Reviews Badge
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