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Build Your Own Sample Pack (18 Pieces)

Great flavor

Blue raspberry is popping with flavor and energy. 10/10

Really bitter.

They came in today and me and my mom tried it and it was really bitter. We tried both the Blue Raspberry one and the Mango one. Based on all the reviews, they all say that they are good but I don't see it..

So Far my favorite

It’s a hard decision between blue raspberry and lemon lime. Both have a delicious flavor. Usually I’m not a fan of lemon lime stuff but the chews have got me hooked!

Not my fav

I like the other flavors but this one just doesn't do it for me. More citrusy than mangoey and more bite than the others. And in terms of citrus flavors I like the lemon lime way more.

Free samples

The free samples were great and tasted awesome. Wasn't a fan of the Orange Mango, but the other two are fire. Definitely would recommend a friend !

Absolutely delicious

good stuff

better then drinking monster every day! just saying

Great morning flavor

Tastes like a breakfast juice perfect for the morning. Pop 1 or2 and I'm rocking

Bruh Candy



Rejuvenating, delicious, just straight up amazing! I bought the sample pack first and then this box of lemon lime, almost out of it now so I will 110% be grabbing more soon I highly recommend!!

Yooo these are insane

The energy from these is actually nuts. It's not like there's even that much caffeine in a piece but I only had 1 and I felt so focused and awake. They are magical...but actually they must just have a good blend of supplements or something cause they seriously give some of the best energy I've felt from any drink, gummy, pill, you name it. I will say that they have a bit of a bite to them at first but it smooths out nicely as you chew. The more I eat them the more dangerous they become cause they are actually super tastey. Just ordered a box of each!


Good flavors, quick to take, great energy. Not much else to say. New fan here!


Saw these in a Pants are Dragon video and thought they sounded cool. Glad I grabbed some cause they are actually fire. Good alternative to get some energy during long gaming sessions when I'm sick of my energy drinks and just want to drink some water. The energy is actually so good. They were a bit soft at first, but I just left them in the AC and they got better. Would be worried leaving them in a car when it's hot out.

Worth a try

I still like my energy drinks, but these are my new go to alternative. Like to have sleeves at work and home so I always have a way to get a quick boost without cracking open a full drink. 4 stars just cause I'm not a fan of the orange one, but the other two are awesome!! Looking forward to more flavors and seeing how these guys grow.

1 shots are the best

1 Shots are the best! Enjoying all the flavors and of course the energy is on point. Probably the cleanest and best energy I've felt from an energy product.

Great alternative

Awesome way to get energy. I felt such a clear focus and energy from just one of these. Pretty good flavor, and no artificial after tastes like most drinks. Love being able to take a sleeve around/leave one at my desk and have 6 servings of energy for whenever I need. Love

So fire!

1 Shots are the bomb! I've been having one every morning and they have me feeling so good almost immediately. I hate having to try to drink an energy drink or coffee or something in the mornings. These are so much better!! Good flavor and you can eat them in a couple seconds. I hope they come out with more flavors cause I am fully addicted and want a big ass selection.

Really great

Love the lemon lime and orange mango. Quick tasty energy and the packaging is super cool. Great product!

Great stuff

Just one or two keeps me up and going throughout the entire day

perfect for me

I drive an hour to work, and an hour back each time I have to go. Coffee/energy drinks make me need frequent bathroom breaks and at 5am suck to make or have to chug. These 1 Shots are just sweet/tasty enough to quickly enjoy, and the nootropics in the ingredients keep me alert and focused on the early morning drives. I have no complaints with the effects and the flavors are solid (looking forward to more).

Pretty Good

When I opened the first one it was pretty soft and hard to open, but the box was really hot coming off the mail truck so kinda understandable. After sitting for a few minutes inside they were nice and firm and easy to open. So be aware that you probably want to let them cool a bit if they were sitting somewhere hot/in the mail truck.

Other than that I loved them. Incredible energy, easy to take, and the flavor was surprisingly good. Need to try the others now too, but the lemon lime was really good and sour. Tastes like you are biting into a fresh lemon and lime.


We loved these! For sure ordering more.

Can be a bit strong on the flavor

altho a bit strong at first for my taste buds after getting used to them I have to stop myself eating too many! great balance of yummy candy and serious energy

Quick and tasty

Really good. Amazed at how well these work. Only need 1 or 2 and I'm set for the day. Great for taking around and to work, I can just toss a sleeve in my bag. They have a kind of bitter flavor but are still super sweet and citrusy. Pretty dang tasty for how strong and convenient they are.